School Cinema


School Cinema is home to an innovative concept of using films for education—from life skills, values, and attitudes relevant for today’s children to become better humans. Currently available in more than 600 schools across India, School Cinema is now easier to watch – when you want, where you want. As a story-telling medium, films play an important role in aiding educational development of today’s children. As a part of a ground-breaking pedagogical exercise, EduMedia’s School Cinema initiative is making a difference to how school kids learn life lessons and imbibe values. School Cinema is a researched, film-based learning curriculum supported by an interactive workbook, designed to introduce and reaffirm life skills, values, and attitudes to children, parents, and teachers. School Cinema consists of a vast library of films coupled with a range of follow-up exercises and fun activities. School Cinema equips children, parents, and even teachers with valuable life lessons.

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