How will it make difference to my business

The challenges that Companies perceive are perhaps the same issues that we at Dimension Websoft confront every day. They include creating and preserving value in a highly competitive environment, ushering a wave of new regulation, motivating and taking care of their key people.

Every day, we practice Shared Thinking with our clients and within our own organization to meet those business challenges and demonstrate true leadership.

It’s all part of our commitment to helping you address your company’s business challenges around the corner. We can provide assistance in –

  1. Whether it’s developing and understanding new advertising models, managing the value of new alliances, rights management, revenue assurance, transaction support, advertising services, customer analytics, or other issues you are currently facing, we can help.


  1. On one hand, your company seeks growth. On the other, the demand to reduce costs never goes away. We will assist you in finding a way to do both, simultaneously. Of course, developing a cost-reduction strategy that maximizes efficiency without compromising growth potential is a tricky proposition.


  1. Outsourcing might seem to be an easy answer. In many industries, contracting out non-core business functions such as human resources, billing, or payroll to third-party providers is gaining acceptance. We can render formal opinions on what to Outsource and what’s not.


    1. We will assist you to build intelligent infrastructures and steer the complexity and risk in order to pursue the programs with confidence.


  1. Selling is primarily about people and skills. But processes and technologies also have a role, and it is the complex interplay of all these components that determines the productivity of sales channels and their impact on growth. We can help you:


  • Understand your customers’ needs
  • Evaluate new markets and test different product, pricing and distribution options
  • Improve your sales channels and sales management processes
  • Develop effective customer-segmentation, -service and -retention strategies
  • Measure the profitability of different customer segments and markets, and enhance your productivity
  • Review your accounting systems to maximise your VAT recovery and reduce your taxes; and
  • Create communications plans to win over key staff, and ensure that your organisation’s systems, processes and culture reinforce the changes you make.


  1. HR is increasingly seen as a strategic linchpin—one that needs to work closely with operations, finance, and other corporate departments to help drive business strategy and success. We can take care of –
  • Attracting, motivating, and retaining employees
  • HR benchmarking and measurement
  • Employee benefits and compensation programs including pensions
  • Executive compensation and HR governance
  • HR function effectiveness and service delivery
  1. We approach every assignment holistically. We listen to your specific concerns and advise you on how best to address these concerns, given your risk appetite.
  • Define the kinds of risk and amount of risk you’re willing to tolerate;
  • Link your risk appetite to your business strategy and operations, so that you can choose the risks which offer the greatest commercial potential without adversely affecting the level of compliance you have set for your organisation;
  • Make the changes required to ensure that every business unit and function in your organisation consistently makes decisions about risk that conform to your risk appetite; and
  • Improve the consistency and efficiency of your systems and processes for controlling risk.
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