Payumoney POS

We are introducing you our new product from  PayUmoney  i.e POS Machine. PayUmoney has launched POS machine as the latest addition to payment collection tools.

Enabling your customers to be able to pay through multiple payment options gives you competitive edge to attract new customers to your business.

Following are the commercials for EDC machine.

Digital Change is inevitable so prepare yourself with news gadgets and technology so that you can cope up with market trends .

Following are the commercials for EDC machine.

The Device: GPS based, portable, light weight, chargeable and handy card swipe terminal (actual images attached)

  • Go Mobile: GPS based device, so portable and allow you to go mobile with it.
  • Go Green: Support Go Green initiative so a paperless device. All receipt will be received over sms & email.
  • Quick & Easy: Minimum documentation, Go Live quickly within 48 hours.
  • Even Savings account: Connect seamlessly with your existing bank account (Current or Savings)
  • Cutting Edge Features: like support International Cards.
  • No Recurring Charges: No monthly rental or AMC. No Commitments: No minimum or maximum limit for transactions or total volume.


Device cost is Rs. 7000/-.

  • No setup cost, yearly or monthly charges.
  • All EMI transactions will be charged at 2.5% + service tax.
  • EMI / International cards acceptance approval subject to PayUmoney T&C.

Plan A

Card Type TDR + S. Tax
Debit <2k 1.20%
Debit >2k 1.45%
Credit Std. 1.70%
Credit Premium 2.45%
Credit Super Prem. 2.70%


Plan B

Card Type TDR + S. Tax
Debit <2k 2 %
Debit >2k 2 %
Credit Std. 2 %
Credit Premium 2%
Credit Super Prem. 2%

*Merchant can select from TDR rates from Plan A or Plan B


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