Online Application Management

The increasing numbers of students seeking admission in the Academic Institutes are causing tremendous pressure on the administrative body of the institutes to manage and arrange the admission process manually. It is difficult now to conduct the process accurately and in timely manner. Hence, the need for online admission is inevitable.

In case of a manual system, it is a time taking process and involves huge manpower wherein the online admission system ensures accurate and very fast computerized information. Maintaining backup is also very easy using ‘Online Admission System’.

Advantage of ‘Online Admission System’

  1. Automated online software system works 24 x 7: Minimizes time of processing – due to no time barrier, institutes admission process time is reduced.
  2. Avoid hectic submission process: Allows candidates / students to fill application form at their convenient time in a comfortable environment.
  3. No Geographical Boundary: Institutes don’t need take the burden of posting the application form for outstation candidates. Candidates can fill application form from anywhere i.e. convenient place.
  4. No Long Queues: Candidates don’t need to stand in long queues to get their queries answered. Candidates don’t need to queue up to get application form.
  5. Man Power Saving: Institutes don’t need to assign additional security to manage huge crowd.
  6. Reduces Paper Work:
    1. Institutes no longer require printing & storing admission forms.
    2. No hectic queue and lines to attend & address same process. Verification of the docs as per admin body’s convenient time but not in front of long queue.
    3. These results not only cost saving but also man power saving.
  • Reduces Human Involvement:
    1. Institutes no longer require deputing personnel for addressing to candidates / guardian’s query.
    2. Institutes no longer require deputing huge man power to distribute and collect forms.
    3. Institutes requires to take no extra burden to collect print copy of forms & docs.
    4. Enhance Productivity – as a result of this institute can utilize these man power resources in other activities.
  • Accurate and Reliable:
    1. In the traditional way human error might creep in due to fatigue and monotonous nature of work involving numbers.
    2. Very Accurate and Reliable – The process is very accurate and reliable due to limited human involvement.
  • Dynamic and User Friendly: The entire process is very dynamic – any changes can be reflected in real time & will immediately reach the candidates. The process is simple & user friendly. Similar to filling a form manually, the difference is the keyboard being in use instead of pen.
  • Customization Real Time Reports:
    1. Institutes can monitor the ongoing process.
    2. Have day to day summary of progress of the admission.
    3. Great Flexibility – Various types of reports can be generated in quick time with minor changes in the design.

Special Features

  • the system is stable to perform multiple registrations at a time, can handle multiple connections
  • the online software is fully customizable

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