Entrepreneurship & Ventures

Activities to help Entrepreneurs –

We act as a catalyst for entrepreneurship development by creating an environment for entrepreneurship in the support system, developing new entrepreneurs, helping in the growth of existing entrepreneurs and propagation of entrepreneurial thoughts. This we do by – Website design in Patna

  1. Organizing and conducting training for entrepreneurship development.
  2. Evolving strategies & methodologies for different target groups & locations & conduct field tests. Website design in Patna
  3. Identifying training needs and offer training programmers to Government and non-Government organizations engaged in promoting and supporting entrepreneurship.
  4. Documenting and disseminating information needed for policy formulation and implementation related to self-employment. Website design in Patna
  5. Publishing literature related to entrepreneurship and industrial development. Website design in Patna
  6. Organizing seminars, workshops and conferences for providing a forum for interaction and exchange of views by various agencies and entrepreneurs. Website design in Patna, Website design in Patna
  7. Acting as a catalyst for development of self-employment/entrepreneurship, industry/business by joining hands on various life projects & assignments. Website design in Patna, Website design in Patna

Ventures  Website design in Patna

Dimension Websoft is a multi-faceted organization and we are continuously striving for forging hands with like minded partners. We invite –  Website design in Patna, Website design in Patna

  1. Venture capitalists to invest seed money on all our ongoing activities as well as New business plans with assured return on investment. Website design in Patna, Website design in Patna
  2. Individuals who have sound business plans can share their ideas with us and together we strive to make it happen. Website design in Patna, Website design in Patna, Website design in Patna
  3. Specialists, who are experts in their area of interest, willing to complement their business interest with our Strategic Business Solutions. Website design in Patna, Website design in Patna
  4. Small time product / service providers looking to expand and need a solid platform.
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