Digital Business Kit

Dimension Websoft’s Dimension Digital Kit (DDK) provide product and solutions tailor made for industry-specific and assist small-to-medium enterprises and NGO’s. Organisations can engage themselves in the digital economy and take advantage of the opportunities available through digital technology. Website Design in Patna 

The DDK is a  unique bundled products and services specially designed by Dimension Websoft pvt Ltd with the experiences of over 20 years in  serving the small and medium enterprises . This kit fills the industry-specific gaps in digital knowledge and promote increased use of innovative digital solutions by business to market products and services,  Website Design in Patna

Your personalised kit

Each of the modules below to explore your personalised kit. Website Design in Patna 

READY TO GO (Mandatory)
Taking your business online requires planning so you can make the most out of the budget, people and resources you have.-
Create a digital plan,  to manage and grow your online business with the support of us and your current resources. Preparing of a checklist which provide you with a analytical report for the decision making
2750/-(one time )

WEB HOSTING (Mandatory) 2750/-onwards
WEB DESIGN (Mandatory)
A website is an  extremely cost-effective way for your business to attract and engage with new customers.
      We build,design and maintain  your website so that you get  strong online presence.  Website Design in Patna 
Starts from 7850/-

Social media is a powerful tool. We can help you reach the right audience quickly, build strong relationships, gain valuable customer feedback. We creat you account with popular Social media Platforms so that you can reach the right audience

2750 /- PM & onwards

“Show, don’t tell” – using video to promote your services If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a moving picture is worth a million. We create  video profile  to showcase your business’ ‘personality’, promote testimonials from satisfied customers, interview business partners to provide insightful knowledge.

4750/ Per min  Onwards


Search engine optimisation (SEO) for you could  drive large numbers of people to your website. Good SEO  is our key USP .

  1. We optimize for search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.  including keywords and phrases to improve your website’s search rankings. We craft the very best keywords to help increase your search ranking and get your business noticed.
2750/- PM & onwards


1.We  set up and configure your website for accepting  payments
2. We also ensure those payments to be  safe and secure,
3. Selling online  improves productivity and business outcomes.

Price 17500/-

Digital technology offers a world of opportunity as well as security risks also so you need a +ve SSL– Domain-validation ,Use for 1 Domain, Free additional server licenses, Issued within 2 days .

Rs. 7500./-
TRAINING (Mandatory)

So your website is up and running, and we provide you with 10 hours basics  training to update and use your website

Price 1750/-  FOR 10 Hours
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